Terms Page

Photography Policy:
Private photography sessions are scheduled during Schell Family Farm’s closed hours. They are
to be scheduled in 1-hour increments. We limit the number of photographers to 8 at a time.
For each hour reserved, you receive 4 free flowers. We recommend you bring a vase or
something to place them in after picking.
Check-in with our Schell Family Farm employee is required under the tent for all photographers
and their clients. For photographers planning multiple shoots within their hourly time frame,
please be prepared to leave a list of clients (i.e. your contact person, a last name or a start time
for each) with the person under the tent. This is very important to ensure everyone on
premises during closed hours is scheduled to be there. It is your responsibility to meet each
group at the tent before they can enter the fields.
It is also very important to stay within your reserved time frame. We limit the number of
photographers to ensure all have a great experience. If you need more time, please check with
our person under the tent to see if there is availability. NOTE: There are about 10 acres of
flowers this year. Please account for time to get to and from, it could be a several minute walk.
If you are scheduling multiple time slots, please do so for consecutive hours, or leave a full hour
between. Schell Family Farm reserves the right to reject reservations for this or any other
Reservations are non-refundable, but Schell Family Farm reserves the right to reschedule or
refund due to extenuating circumstances.
Please contact Chris Schell at 989-954-9978 with any questions or concerns.